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is an investment advisory firm working with elite professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and executives to help them achieve even greater success.


Organizing and Simplifying Your Financial Complexity

You worked hard for your success, and though it has provided you the lifestyle you envisioned, it also has brought increasing financial complexities.

We understand that highly successful people like you often lack the time, desire, and expertise to manage the financial complexities that come with wealth. We help organize and simplify the complexity so that you can feel confident in the career, family, lifestyle, and legacy your success has built.

Sophisticated Analytics Tailored To You

Our objective is to provide the most sophisticated investment solutions and innovative technology to you to bring transparency, and simplicity to your wealth picture. Our investment management team comprises professionals holding some of the mostly highly respected credentials and education in the investment industry, including the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) certification.

Our Orange County area team employs sophisticated analytics to construct portfolios comprising both traditional investment offerings and alternatives that are typically inaccessible to individual investors, such as real estate, private equity, and venture capital, to help diversify wealth and enhance returns.

Here, you will work with professionals who have an average of 22 years of investment experience. This depth of experience adds a historical perspective to the investment advice you receive. And as a whole, we are dedicated to a single goal: to provide superior long-term capital appreciation to you.

Investment Managers Serving Orange County, California

Sprive Capital Management was born out of a clientele of elite athletes, and today we bring the same sophisticated solutions to elite professionals in other fields to help them succeed, prosper, and thrive. Based in Newport Beach, we serve clients throughout Orange County, including Irvine and Huntington Beach. 

We are an independent and fiduciary investment advisor. Whether you are an elite professional athlete, entrepreneur, or executive, we are committed to helping you achieve even greater success through growing and protecting the wealth and lifestyle you have created through:


  • A highly credentialed investment management team
  • Sophisticated analytics
  • Both traditional investment offerings and alternatives that are typically inaccessible to individual investors



I’m looking to continue to grow and protect the wealth that I’ve built through my business.


I want to make sure I am protected and positioned for success after my sports career is over.


I’m looking to use my wealth to create options and flexibility in my career and lifestyle.

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