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401(k) Plan

Sprive Capital is an independent advisory firm with a dedicated expertise to the retirement plan market.


Our Promise

Our promise is to create exceptional retirement plan experiences for employers and employees. We help plan sponsors deliver the highest quality program by providing services that save time, reduce exposure to fiduciary liability, and address both Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor compliance requirements.

Our comprehensive analysis of investment offerings and plan design establishes a strong foundation. Our structured service and employee communication model ensures ongoing excellence. SPRIVE provides expert human capital gained through decades of experience working for, and with, the top defined contribution, defined benefit, and deferred compensation service providers in the industry.

Investment Due Diligence

Market volatility makes it critical for retirement plan sponsors and fiduciaries to develop and maintain investment due diligence procedures and supporting documentation. SPRIVE will work with the retirement plan committee to develop and maintain the plan’s investment strategy which is codified in an investment policy statement.

This investment policy statement is used as a guide to evaluate your current investment offerings, measuring them against applicable indices, your existing provider’s complete menu and the broader universe of investment options. The result is confidence that your plan’s investments are diversified, well managed, and meet the stated objectives of your investment policy statement.

Sprive Capital provides this analysis by utilizing multiple tools including some of the most robust investment analytics available. Each investment is evaluated by more than a dozen different and objective analytical measurements, including:


Upside Capture - R- Squared


Downside Capture - Median Rank


Correlation - Volatility of Risk


Style Drift - Alpha


Excess Return - Beta


Tracking Error - Sharpe Ratio

Plan Design & Compliance

Sprive Capital will review the design and operational features of your company’s plan from an unbiased perspective, focusing on:


Increasing participation


Reducing Trustee and fiduciary liability


Decreasing costs


Providing innovative solutions to best meet your Company’s needs


Alleviating the burden on benefit personnel

Employee Communications

An effective communication strategy is critical to the success of a company’s retirement plan. SPRIVE understands that the development of an effective communications program varies greatly from business to business and across industries. We review the wide variety of options available with the retirement plan committee and create the most appropriate program for their particular employee population. Consistent implementation of the plan increases employee understanding and participation while raising the profile and appreciation of the benefit.

We are an independent and fiduciary investment advisor registered with the SEC. Whether you are an elite professional athlete, entrepreneur, or executive, we are committed to helping you achieve even greater success through growing and protecting the wealth and lifestyle you have created through:

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